movgraphicPresenters - Nathaniel Rowe, Research Analyst, Enterprise Data Management, Aberdeen Group,
Jeffrey Knotts, Director, Solutions Consulting, Utopia Global, Inc.,
Bill Towsley, GM Information Management, Canadian Pacific Railway

Length - 55:28

The new era of Big Data is upon us, and companies are facing the propagation of available data sources and the related challenges of integrating and migrating this information. Aberdeen's research shows that the average organization depends on over 34 distinct data sources from both inside and outside the firewall, but less than half can be reliably accessed and analyzed. In addition to the increased focus on internet-generated unstructured or semi-structured data, where does this leave familiar relational databases and structured data? What role does traditional data management and quality capabilities play in this new information archetype, and in migrating or centralizing this data?

We present how leading companies are using their structured data within their Big Data initiatives. A real-life example of a large-scale migration project will be presented by a Utopia customer, highlighting the impact that data lifecycle and quality tools had on its success. The modern information environment is changing rapidly, but companies can ill afford to let foundational elements of data management fall by the wayside; in fact, they may be more important than ever.

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