You asked for it and here it is - a webinar addressing one of your company's most valuable assets: data and data quality.

Data quality is the key to driving insightful business decisions and yet only 21% of companies trust the data in their reports completely.  53% of companies claim that more than six percent of the data used to make business decisions is inaccurate.

It’s time to address the hurdle to driving successful business insights – data quality.

In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll discuss the best practices and methodologies to approaching data quality that have guided best-in-class companies to "harness the power of their data and unleash the full potential of their enterprise insights."

This overview will include how to best obtain a bird’s eye view of your data quality as well as analyzing the quality of your business’ current data set and understanding the rules for creating, classifying and consolidating data into a usable and valued asset for your organization.

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