Presenters - David Kuketz, Senior Consultant at Utopia, Inc; Martin Query, EIM Sales Specialist, Southeast at SAP Business Objects; John Ferraioli, Senior Vice President, Strategic Accounts at Utopia, Inc.

Length - 38:45

In this webinar, you'll learn how managing data as an asset can be accomplished and some valuable ideas and best practices around building the business case through a pragmatic approach to looking at your data. This presentation addresses business challenges of data, how to identify toxic data that compromises your business processes, as well as your recording integrity.

The presenters will take you through the data health assessment process, the enabling technology from SAP Business Objects, and give you some real world examples and some case studies as far as the data health assessment report and the business benefit. You'll gain powerful tools to leverage data and also help use it to build your business case for establishing the critical attachment between the integrity of the data and the ability to execute a process, and find reporting integrity.

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