As you prepare to embark on an ERP implementation or upgrade an existing system, you will find data that does not meet the standards for loading into your new system. The business may not have exposure to the data issues in a timely fashion.

How do you plan to govern that data so that it will load into your target system and not cause delays?

How can you expose the issues to the business owners faster?

You’ve heard the horror stories of go-lives going bad and of course you want to avoid the landmines.  ASUG studies validate that 93% of projects are delayed, incur cost over runs and are significantly impacted by data issues. Becoming a part of the 7% club is perfectly possible with the right people, processes, and technology.

In this presentation you’ll learn how to use the SAP® Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Suite of tools along with the Utopia ExceptionHandler™ powered by Enterprise Web™ tool to actively govern your data and expose issues early during the data migration process. You’ll learn how to actively manage your data and ensure your business is ready for a successful go-live.   


Jeff Knotts

Director, Solutions Consulting


Length - 32:57

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