Master data governance is only successful when people, process, and technology are leveraged and seamlessly integrated.

Businesses today rely extensively on trusted data to run their operations. There is a high degree of demand coming from the business’ employees, customers, and vendors that requires the data used daily to be captured and maintained accurately. To meet this demand companies are harnessing the power of SAP’s enterprise information management leading practices through the use of SAP Data Services, SAP Information Steward, and SAP Master Data Governance applications. These tools enable and empower the business to identify, diagnose the symptoms, and establish data health monitoring for their data cleansing and governance projects to ensure trustworthy data.

This webinar will provide approaches and answers to the following…

  • What is the business problem we're trying to solve? Every master data governance project has to start with this question.
  • Why it is important to allow for ample time for evaluation and planning?
  • How to view master data governance as a lifestyle change rather than a crash diet?


Randy Connelly, Vice President Solutions & Delivery, Utopia


Length - 59:40

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