movgraphicDigital Transformation is the big topic across many industries and the Utilities Industry is not immune to this trend. The industry faces many challenges including an aging and retiring workforce, rapidly changing technology and expectations from customers and regulators for lower cost of services with improved reliability and flexibility. In addition, there is an overall expectation for a lower environmental impact footprint and use of sustainable and distributed sources of energy.

Utility organizations rely on effective and efficient operation of both physical and data assets to address many of the challenges they face. But with greater volume comes greater complexity:

• How do we get the information we need from all of our construction contractors?
• How do we ensure that the ‘Virtual and Physical Twins’ remain in sync?
• How can we ensure our GIS and ERP systems keep the correct data aligned?
• How do we gather all the ‘personal’ knowledge which lives with the current experienced workforce and convert that to ‘corporate’ knowledge that can be shared across the organization?

This 'Ask the Expert' webinar addresses these questions and more. 


Peter Aynsley-Hartwell, Chief Technology Officer 


Length - 28:57 minutes total



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