movgraphicThe challenge of achieving efficient, effective information handover for capital projects can be daunting. Outdated processes, lack of connectivity between systems and the vast amount of data that is collected throughout an asset’s lifetime, can make these projects increasingly complex. Furthermore, the impact of a less than flawless information transfer can be significant.

In a study done by ARC Advisory Group, it was found that the average loss due to poorly managed information handover can exceed 1% of the total capital project expenditure. This could directly result in reduced asset availability, extended project start-up costs, increased environment, health and safety risks (EH&S) and increased maintenance and spare parts costs.

This webinar will address how a proper capital project information handover methodology can assist an organization in developing essential specifications for suppliers, vendors and key engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) stakeholders who all contribute to or manage critical asset information

Richard K. Anderson, Vice President 


Length - 28:23 minutes total



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